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One True Thing


(by Lenne' Hunt Tate, 2013, Tate Publishing)


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There is a story that God has been weaving since the fall of Eden.  Like every great tale, it is a love story, set in the midst of destiny, war, ruin, and redemption.  This tale is wrapped around one single plan that reflects God’s intention to be Father over a house and to provide a bride for His Son.  The plan has always involved one single strategy:  Find people who are lost, alone, orphaned, and without God in the world and offer them grace, life, and an invitation to come be family with Him. 


This invitation draws us into a shining destiny to bear the very glory and brilliance of God.  But something has gone wrong along the way as the war which began at Eden continues to rage against the people of God. That leaves us asking a very important question:


 How do we find restoration back to the truth of our identity and destiny?


One True Thing reminds of a history that is rarely taught.  It points us back to our beginning and to the Father who set it all in place.  It is the story of Israel, the house of God, and all who belong to that house—both those who are of Abraham’s bloodline and those who have been grafted in by faith in Jesus.






Prisoners of Hope


(by Lenne' Hunt, 2011, Destiny Image Europe) 

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"As for you, because of the blood of my covenant with you,

I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit.  Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope."

 (Zech. 9: 11) 


We were made to live with extravagant, extraordinary hope that will usher the glory of God into our circumstances.  But instead, our hope has often been too small – limited by what we see in the moment or have experienced in the past, by the voices of our enemy and human wisdom.  True hope must be as big as the boundaries of God’s name and heart.  It must be founded on knowing that Father will pour Himself out on our behalf because – as incredible as it may seem – love has left Him ruined for us.  Come and know more fully the heart of the God who has made you His delight and joy, and who runs to meet you.


Prisoners of Hope explores hopes foundation - the name of the Lord, and it addresses the maintenance of hope during the rigors of the "not-yet". Hope is presented as a costly act of worship and faithfulness towards a God who is Himself, forever faithful.  This book is written for real people who find themselves face down in the "not-yet" of God.  We stand in the realities of our lives - financial nees, illness, troubled relationships, the need for meaning and purpose - and we look to God.  Waiting for prmised not yet fulfilled, we are encouraged to hope by the chorus of voices who speak from the tirals of their own circumstances:  childless Abraham and Saran, Elijah on the run for his life, dead Lazarus' sisters, three men in a fire, and Caleb in a 40 year wilderness.  Join your heart to theirs and you'll find yourself counted among the people of faith who have chained themselves to the hope that springs from the heart and character of God.



The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of Man

(Lenne' Hunt, 2004, Xulon Press)

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Come and hear from the heart of God that you are the child of His delight and that nothing you do could ever change His fierce love for you.  Let the Spirit of the Son bring you into the sweet inheritance of sonship:  intimacy with God, the ministry of Life, and the mandate of dominion.  Allow the truth of your destiny to penetrate your  spirit.  You were born of God's heart, in the fullness of His time, to uniquely reflect His grace to a world that will die without it.  Come and be transformed by the Spirit of Adoption, by the heart of your Father.


Review from Writer's Digest:  "...the author has opened my eyes to an area of my spiritual life that's been lacking.  I thought one of the most profound things she said was this:  'Sonship is both positional and relational.  But, we have impaired sonship if we only grasp the positional and neglect the relational.'  Isn't that good? I loved that!  It's so true.  I think this book is a great read  - very eye opening and deep.... It's to be savored, sentence by sentence."

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