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Deep Unto Deep Ministries is stewarded by Jim & Lenne' Hunt Tate.  They are  joined in various capacities by family and friends who feel a kindred calling.


Lenne' holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of South Carolina.  She spent 18 years as a practicing therapist and 10 as a professor of  psychology.  In 2001, she left those careers to pursue the deeper desires of her heart:  writing, ministry, and prophetic teaching about the heart of God and the truth of man's identity and destiny.   Lenne' first book, The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of Man was released in 2004.  It was followed by Prisoners of Hope  (2011) and her latest offering, One True Thing (2013).


Jim is a man of many talents.  A second generation pastor, Jim's heart is especially turned toward the hurting, hopeless and helpless.  He has a passion for the Word and a deep understanding of the spiritual calling to be a husband.  Jim has found a freedom to walk as a true son in Father's house and has inherited a passion to bring other men into the fullness of the masculine heart as ordained by God.  Jim is also a builder, specializing in renovations and restoration.



8904 Kennebec Rd., Willow Spring, NC  27592     or



Jim and Lenne' live in Willow Spring, NC with their furry brood: cats, Hobbes and Little Miss Buttons, and Great Danes, Zeke, Annabelle. Salem and Abigail



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