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        "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge ... a people without understanding

        will come to ruin." (Hosea 4: 6, 14b) 


       "He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said from his innermost being shall flow springs and rivers of living water." (John 7:38, portrayed in the piece pictured at left)




The normal Christian life as we often experience it is a far cry from the normal Christian life found in scripture.  Jesus spent 3 years modeling and teaching the standard for our destiny on the earth.  The task is very straightforward:  to bring the Kingdom of God here.  "Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Fulfilling this mandate requires several things.  First and foremost, we must know God as our Father and ourselves as His sons and daughters.  Intimacy is everything.  Any service we render apart from relationship with God is illegitimate service.


Then there are the practical skills to learn such as healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, and being watchmen on the wall.  These are all things that are only possible through a life of sonship and through the empowering of the Spirit.  There is, however, a learning curve. Jesus spent 3 years actively teaching these things to his disciples and then commanded them to teach everyone else what they had learned (see the Great Commission of Matthew 28: 18-20).


And that leads us to a major problem in the here and now.  Most of  us have never been taught these fundamental truths.  We are unsure of our identities, clueless about warfare and the realities of unseen realms, and ill-equipped to heal, deliver, and raise the dead (both literally and figuratively). That must change if we are ever going to really function as the Body (that is, the extension) of Christ on the earth.


The topic titles listed below are links to teachings we have developed about some of these "normal Christian life" issues.  This will at least give you a place from which to begin.  We welcome your questions and the chance to dialogue about these things.  Below each you will find a brief description of these topics.  Detailed notes on the first 3 topics are found on the Discipleship Identity page, and the remaining 4 are on the Discipleship Kingdom Life page.



       Calling God a Father and actually living out of that kind of relationship with Him are two very different

       things.  The concept of fatherhood has been tainted by our experiences on earth.  As a result, we must

       start over in understanding the truth of God's father heart.  This teaching examines in practical ways

       what it means to have God as our Father and what it requires of us to live in relationship as His sons and



      The ultimate destiny of humanity is to live forever as the bride of Christ.  We often treat that as a

      euphemism, not understanding that God actually engages in the Great Romance with us.  He views us

      as His one true love, the fair maiden worth wooing, the damsel in distress worth rescuing from the evil

      dragon.  Jesus pledges His heart to us, His strength and His tenderness.  He leads us to intimacy.


      Most of us go through our lives believing things about ourselves that are false.  Some of our false beliefs

      come from things people have told us.  Others are the result of us engaging in behavior that is at odds with

      our true selves.  Many of the falsehoods originate on the tongue of the evil one who acts opportunistically

      in times of our wounding.  If we are made in the image of God, then whatever is true of us, just first have

      been tru of Him.  He is the "Rock from which we were hewn and the quarry from which we were dug."


      Jesus said that we would do greater works than He did during His ministry here on earth.  Chief among

      the works of Jesus was the ministry of healing.  It was a primary tool of evanagelism as well as a

      confirming sign that He was sent from Father and operated witht he authority of heaven. This teaching

      discusses the principles of healing established by Jesus as well as the heart of the Father toward this


      The Lord is a warrior, and so must we be who are made in His image.  The reality of the world is that it is a

      battle zone where kingdoms clash.   In Waking the Dead, Eldredge writes, "Until we come to terms with war         as the context of our days we will not understand life.  We will misinterpret 90 percent of what is happening          around us and to us.  You won't understand your life, you won't see clearly what has happened to you or             how to live forward form here, unless you see it as battle."


      Being a child of God - actually knowing what that means and operating out of that relationship -  means             that the battle will be brought to your door.  Warfare occurs because of who you are.    You cannot stop             that.  You can only be prepared for it.  


      What is the relationship of gentile Christians to the nation of Israel, the land of Israel, and the scriptures of               Israel (i.e., what we know as the Old Testament)?  The short answer is that gentile Christians are actually               counted as Jews, having been grafted into Israel by their salvation. (Rom. 11: 17-24)  Ultimately then,                     Jewishness or citizenship in Israel, is not accomplished through genealogy or culture or tradition.  Rather it is          defined by the condition of the heart.


      Let's be honest.  Relationships are hard.  Love is costly.  And peace has to be forged and not merely kept.            The people of God  are  called to be a family and a community set apart by our love for one another.  But,         sadly, our reputation in the world is far from that.  This teaching is aimed at imparting the skills and attitudes          necessary for a life of community:  the call to love, handling conflict, dealing with offense, and extending             forgiveness. 


Note:  The copyright for these materials belongs to Lenne' Hunt Tate.  You may use and/or copy them with our blessing for purposes of  instruction.  All we ask is that you reference this site.

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