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 Conference Topics/Bootcamps - available upon request for your church, ministry, or fellowship.



  • Brave Hearts Bootcamps


An extension of the classic John Eldredge Wild at Heart bootcamp, this retreat is formatted like the retreats that the Ransomed Heart team holds in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  It is a journey into recovering the masculine soul.  Men, come and find out that you do, indeed, have what it takes to live in true freedom. And in living free, your life has the authority to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.  True freedom enables us to experience life in the larger story rather than the small stories into which we have settled.  Experience the heart of God as He intended.


From our April Brave Hearts camp we've heard testimonies of men who feel a renewed commitment to fight for their marriages, men who chose to stop running from God's calling on their lives and are purposing to step into ministry, men whose eyes are newly awakened to the spiritual battles that rage around them and whose hearts are ready to enter that fight. We are thankful to our Father who is faithful, always, to come for His people because of His deep affection and longing for us.  The "walls" of our lives are ever before His Eyes.


  •   Knowing the love of the Father & the life of sonship: 

Topics include the Father heart of God; the truth of love and and the purpose of the cross; the truth of you found in the truth of Him; overturning the orphan spirit; entering into and living in relationship with Daddy


  • The Great Romance  (about and for marriages)

This conference is about receiving the Husband heart of God  and then imitating the Romance of heaven in our marriages on the earth.  We examine the behaviors of the Great Romance:  choosing, pursuing, wooing, lavishing, rescuing, and protecting.


  • The Festivals of the Lord

In Leviticus 23 God establishes what He calls the festivals of the Lord - a group of appointments which He makes with His people.  These appointments of the Lord portray God's plan for redemption and are prophetic symbols, types and shadows, which point to the birth of Jesus, His death and resurrection, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the crowing and reign of Jesus as the King of Kings, the rapture of the Bride, the second coming of Christ, and the life beyond this age which begins with the wedding supper of the Lamb.  We are commanded to celebrate these events forever, in remembrance, in celebration, and in prophetic expectation of what is still to come.

  •  Principles of Warfare

Topics include understanding the principal players; the Lord is a Warrior; the warrior destiny of the sons of God; the basis of authority in the blood of Jesus; strategies and tactics of warfare

  •  True Identity

Here, we examine Psalm 23: 3—the restored soul; the Genesis mandate for sonship and dominion; the Bride of Christ and the end of the age. This conference is aimed at restoring an understanding of the covenant God made with His House to turn us from orphans into sons.  It is a covenant born of love, which produces righteousness and peace.  It represents God's plan for the redemption of the sons of Adam and His restoration of His House on the earth

  •  Living in Community

This addresses the realities of living with one another as the Body of Christ and the family of God - what's at stake in community, the call to love, handling conflict, dealing with offense and extending forgiveness



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